It’s not easy to budget and if you overspend, as a Tenant you may think not paying your rent is a simple solution, after all it’s just a couple of weeks rent, but do you realise the implications? Did you know if you go into rent arrears, it follows you and every time you try and secure a new rental the agent will check your rental history and you are less likely to secure a property.

So, we’ve put together some tips to help prevent this from happening.   

Set a budget

Sit down and work out realistically what you need to live on and  can afford.

Make a list

Carefully, consider what you need to buy as opposed to what you want to buy.  s. 

Make a list of the food and drinks you need and your budget,add up all your expenses, rent, food, petrol, utilities etc. Know exactly how much you need for each expense 

Watch your spending

One of the best tips is to “isolate” your spending, use a separate Visa/Mastercard Debit card or draw cash, keep it in a separate wallet and spend only that.


Avoid  credit

If at all possible do not use credit cards for  purchases. You tend to spend that little bit more and only delay the inevitable credit card hangover. 


At the shops!

We recommend that you set time limit on your shopping, that you use your list and buy only what you need. You can also use online shopping “click and collect” to avoid impulse buying. You may also consider shopping at “odd hours” for example extended trading hours on a Thursday night.

So, in summary, to avoid impacting on your long term rental prospects, we recommend that you follow these tips to ensure you enjoy your life without breaking the bank.