7 ideas for Tenants on how you can beautify your rental



  • Add storage - Adding storage not only reduces clutter but it also adds personality to your rental. It’s a cost effective way to add colour and style that is easily transferred when you move. Most department stores now stock a variety of storage options to suit all your rooms. If you’re busy, why not shop online and get it delivered.
  • Add rugs - Do you have dated, cold floors? Or a colour palate that’s bland and doesn’t match your style? Then why not invest in some rugs to add personality? You can match them or contrast them with cushions or throw rugs 
  • Lighting - Fixed lighting can often be part and parcel of being a renter, but you can add style, atmosphere and elegance by adding table lamps, standing lamps and various levels within a room. Variance in the colour of the globe (warm or cold) can also add another dimension to the room
  •  Indoor plants - Adding your own personal style is easy with a carefully positioned indoor plant, don’t worry if you’re not a green thumb there are plenty of realistic “faux” plants available that are cost effective.
  • Use mirrors - Using mirrors to brighten a room and add space is an old decorating trick, by diffusing light and adding the illusion of space you can highlight the best features in a room.
  • Hang Art - You may need to check with your Landlord if you’re going to make permanent holes in the walls, but now days there are alternatives to this. Select your wall art wisely, consider wall mounts, lighter pictures that can be securely hung using “stick on hooks”


 The easiest way to add style is to accessorise, go online and choose a theme that suits your personality, if you’re on a budget collect things as you can afford them, eventually you’ll get the look you’re after and what’s best all these additions to your home are transferable.