7 ways to improve your chances of securing a tenancy

Let’s start with the basics.

  • Firstly, turn up to the open with plenty of time to view the property. Make yourself known to the person holding the open and give them a bit of information about your circumstances. Now, is not the time to be shy! 
    They’ll be taking mental notes about you and your suitability as a tenant. It pays to be honest, as background checks are performed and Adelaide is a very small place!
    Once you’ve decided you’re interested in the property, you need to submit an application online.
    Make sure your application is spot on
  • You’ll need to provide all the information requested include the following;
    o Proof of income
    o Identity proof
    o Recent references
  • Make sure that your writing is legible and that you have included the correct phone numbers
  • Ensure documents that you scan or email are legible and not too dark
  • Pre warn your referees, explain to them you are seeking a rental property and they may receive a call from a agent
  • Include a cover letter, explain your circumstances, what and why you’re looking for a rental property.
  • If you have a pet (we at Baileys Property Management ) specialise in pet rentals, be honest from the onset and include a photo of your furry friend.

You can make a rental enquiry here or a rental application here


Sit tight

It can take a few days to process rental applications and for the landlord to decide, so don’t expect to hear back first thing Monday morning. If you follow the tips above you will improve your chances of success.