In this post we tell the true story of a property recently sold by Bailey Property Group, located at 102 Reuben Richardson Rd, Greenwith. It accurately describes the lengths our sales team will go to make your dreams a reality.

Whether you’re looking to sell or buy it’s worth a read.....

When buying or selling a property we all hope the process is painless and that we get the desired outcome. Sometimes this isn’t the case and it can be for a variety of reasons. Particularly when selling, your agent should have discussed the process with you, prepared your property for sale and set realistic expectations on the attainable price. You should feel comfortable and have faith in your agents strategy.


So what happens when the plan doesn’t come off?


No doubt you’re tired of open inspections, endless cleaning and maintaining the garden!, not to mentioning opening your home to strangers at the drop of a hat! Let’s face it you’re and keen to get on with your life.

Sometimes, the vendor decides to change agent for a fresh start, new ideas and a new strategy. This was the case for this property, Bailey Property Group was the second agent in the door.

The first step was to find a buyer and settle on a price, once that was done, in order to secure the sale, Jason Eckert and the team from Bailey Property Group had to step up assist the buyer to realise their dreams.

The team assisted the buyer to do the following:

  • Demolish a house
  • Subdivide the block
  • Sell the two blocks

 Using their network and experience were able to provide advice and then on behalf of the Reuben Richardson Road buyer to make all this happen.

The Sales Agent Jason Eckert who also lives in Greenwith, knows the local market and the benefits of living in Greenwith, he knows where you’ll find the local schools, shops, parks and trails not to mention the public transport options. He was able to explain to the potiential  buyers the benefits of living in this community.
Jason lives local, sells local and certainly takes that extra step to secure your dreams, why not contact Jason to discuss your Real Estate venture.