Preparing your property for sale

Getting your property ready for sale is one of, if not, the most important step in the selling process.

When it comes preparing your home for photos or open inspections you will need to identify your homes best features and rectify the weakest to make sure you can maximise the best outcome for you and your family.

There are a number of easy and effective ways to increase the sale-ability of your home:

  • Remove all clutter – you want to give your property the feel of being open and welcoming 
  • Remove all personal items – you want buyers to feel comfortable being in your home
  • Fresh coat of paint – gives your home a fresh and clean look
  • Make sure all lights are working throughout the property
  • Open all curtains and blinds – you want as much natural light coming in as possible
  • Make sure your property is at a nice and pleasant temperature – have air conditioner/heater, open windows
  • Light candles – they can give of a nice smell and can give the home a nice ambient light
  • Fresh flowers – can brighten up the home
  • Clean up of the gardens – a fresh covering of bark, removing all weeds and fertilise and watering the lawns as the front of the property is the first thing the buyer sees when visiting the property

If you're considering selling, why not get your Property appraised by one of the team at Bailey Property, we can give you many more tips to maximise your sale price, simply click here to organise an appraisal