7 landlord tips to keep your Tenants happy


You’ve worked hard to secure your investment property, so it stands to reason that you’d like it kept well and treated with respect. In this blog, we’ll give you some tips to ensure harmony.


There are laws to protect the rights of both tenants and landlords in South Australia and a process in place to help resolve issues and your Property Manager is well across this. A harmonious relationship through your Property Manager with your tenant can reduce the stress and consequential financial ramifications.

Whilst, we acknowledge that there are bad tenants who act irresponsibly, the majority of tenants are good people. So, what can you do to keep the relationship harmonious?


  • Respond to all the requests promptly (if you’re away ensure someone else has the authority and that your Property Manager knows)
  • Ascertain if the request is a safety issue, if it is proceed to resolve it immediately, ask yourself “how would you feel
  • Ask questions of your Property Manager to ensure you have the complete story and what your obligations are
  • Ask your PM what the options are
  • Ask yourself “would I put up with this?” if the answer is no, then if you say no, the tenants are likely to be disillusioned
  • If necessary authorise the work to proceed
  • Explain the reason for the decision so the tenant understands

If you respond positively to reasonable request then your tenants are more likely to respect your investment, pay rent on time and extend their lease. It’s all about a “fair go” for everyone.


TIP – your Property Manager is experienced in dealing with difficult situations and can advise you on how to navigate to ensure a successful resolution for all parties.

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