At Bailey Property Management we pride ourselves in securing the right tenants for your Property, reducing your worry and stress. We understand you are trusting your valuable asset to us, so over time, we have developed tried and trusted policies and procedures to reduce risk. It doesn't end there, we are constantly reviewing our business in a effort to improve and hone our efforts.    

Detailed below are some, but not all of the activities we carry out on your behalf, to ensure your valuable asset is protected.

Great Tenants - Bailey Property Management has a comprehensive and through screening process. We take the time to ensure your tenants are suited to your property and that they have sufficient income to meet their commitments. We check all references to ensure you are a perfect match. 

We also have access to the latest most up-to-date tenant selection screening resources, we can get a greater understanding of who your tenants are the background and their rental history minimising the risk for you and us!

Reduced stress - Our property managers are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of Property Management. We look after all the paperwork, keep you informed with all the relevant information relating to your property.

Rent arrears - We will actively manage your rental payments everybody advertises “zero tolerance” for rent arrears, we don't need to as this is what we what you expect and is not an added extra!

Increasing your income - We know the market value of your investment property and our aim is to secure the best possible rental income, in the shortest possible time. We do this by ensuring your tenants are happy and less likely to vacate. We also ensure that existing tenants extend their leases in adequate time to give you peace of mind.  We also give you the flexibility of how you wish to receive your payments fortnightly or monthly please note statements will only be issued on a monthly basis

Inspections and Maintenance - We conduct quarterly  inspections of your property to ensure that your tenants are looking after your investment.Every inspection report is emailed to you with photos as required. As part of the process and inspection checklist is sent to the tenant with the inspection letter and a general level of cleanliness is to be achieved. However, each quarter we will focus on a different area that tends to be overlooked e.g. cleaning around door handles and light switches. This ensures the best upkeep of your property.

We understand that all Landlords are different, some prefer to maintain their properties themselves, whilst others prefer to leave it to their Property Manager. We at Bailey Property Management are flexible and we will organise the maintenance on the property, if you wish. 

Qualified Trades - We have a network of qualified trades,we are able to quickly and painlessly take care of any maintenance issues that may arise, as property investors ourselves, we understand the value for money is important and that's why you get to use the people we use.

Less Paperwork - We can organise to pay your regular bills associated with your asset, come Tax time this makes things a whole lot easier!

Looking to sell? - Our rental team at Bailey Property Management have a close working relationship with our sales team and we can recommend the perfect Sales Representative to meet your needs. We know your property and we know you and what you need. 

If you're interested in finding out more about our Property Management services please fill out this form and we'll be in touch, or if you looking to sell fill out this form for a free appraisal. 


Either way, we've got you covered!